Fin Whale


fin whale husavik skjalfandi bay iceland

Length of whales of Skjalfandi Bay Husavik Iceland  Up to 25 metres

Weight of whales of Skjalfandi Bay Husavik Iceland 40-80 tons

Feeding of whales of Skjalfandi Bay Husavik Iceland  Crustaceans, small schooling fish

Life span of whales of Skjalfandi Bay Husavik Iceland 90-140 years

Info of whales of Skjalfandi Bay Husavik Iceland

They are the second largest mammal on our planet. Unique to the fin whale, their face is asymmetric: The right lower jaw, right lip and the right side of their baleen are (yellowish) white, while the left side is black. 


What a way to introduce me! Do you humans always have to be so comparative? I am fully aware I am – just for a few metres – unfortunately not the largest, yet the second largest animal on Earth: the FIN WHALE. But hey, with a length of up to 25 metres I am really not so small. Also, just look at how handsome I am with my slim, torpedo-like body. The fact I am shaped like this allows me to move through the water with speeds of up to 40 km/h, which once has given me the name the “greyhound of the sea”.

Look at my dark grey, slightly brownish body and the blend of black tones within it – and isn’t the pale underside of my body a gorgeous contrast to the rest of my appearance? You think I am asymmetric? Well yes, you’re right: the left side of my lower jaw is black, while the right is sparkling white and this asymmetrical pigmentation is reversed on my tongue. But hey, isn’t that just striking and making me even prettier?

I am not a fan of the spotlight and unlikely will give you a show, but isn’t my appearance special enough? I thought to pass by Skjálfandi Bay as I heard rumours about an outstanding menu in this area of Iceland. You can’t imagine how much I love an abundance of krill and small fish – after all, I need 2.000 kg of it daily. I can spend several hours a day feeding, gulping up to 70.000 litres of water at once before sieving it out until just my catch remains in the mouth.

I enjoy the cold waters, especially those of the deep open ocean, but soon enough, as winter approaches, I will have to head south for my breeding grounds just like all the others. May I spread the good news? I am expecting a calf this winter and will stay away for about a year taking care of it, teaching it all the dos and don’ts before leading it back up here. Considering my life span of over 100 years though, time will have flashed by with the blink of an eye and I will have returned here to the nutrient rich waters of Skjálfandi Bay.

Other languages

Is Langreyður
De Finnwal
Fr Rorqual commun
Es Rorcual común
It Balenottera comune
Nl Gewone vinvis
Pt Baleia-comum
Cn 长鬚鯨
Ru Финвал
Il לווייתן מצוי
Pl Finwal
Cz Plejtvák myšok
Se Sillval
Dk Finhval
No Finnkval
Fi Sillivalas

Relative size to a human

fin whale husavik skjalfandi bay iceland relative size

fin whale husavik skjalfandi bay iceland fin whale husavik skjalfandi bay iceland fin whale husavik skjalfandi bay iceland

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