Orca surfacing in Skjálfandi Bay

The month of April has marked the beginning of our current whale watching season. While it can be a bit more challenging to spot whales in those first weeks, it can as well be a month full of treasures!
It's a month where all those whale species might show up that we rarely get to see in high season when the bay is frequented by our beloved humpback whales.
April might bring species such as orcas, sperm whales, fin whales as well as some first blue and humpback whales.
Therefore, while heading into the unknown when leaving the harbour, there's always this excitement for the surprise that one might encounter shortly after:

The other day, when about to leave Puffin Island (where we stop as part of our GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins), a male orca appeared out of nowhere and we followed the individual along the coastline towards the North. While the animal was travelling rather fast, it would again and again slow down to catch a bite by the fishing buoys marking the nets of the ongoing lumpfish season.
The sighting was truly incredible and will surely stay in our memories.

Then yesterday, a huge blue whale decided to pay the bay a visit and, in fact, stayed around all day long. The animal was extremely calm and barely moving anywhere all day - allowing us all some wonderful observations.

At the same time, the first humpback whale of 2024 showed up along the mountainside - and we hope that it will be followed by many more these next days. Humpback whales untertake a long migration annually: While they have spent the last months in (sub)tropical waters, they're now arriving back here to their feeding grounds. Today, a humpback was spotted in the south of the bay. Any day now, several more of them will return to stay with us throughout the season!

blue whale

humpback diving, lifting flukes

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