First summer day

Today we celebrate "Sumardagurinn Fyrsti" - the first day of summer - here in Iceland. 

Back in the days, it was commonly regarded as a good omen if summer and winter “froze together,” (meaning that temperatures had to drop below zero in the night of the last day of winter to the first day of summer). Freezing temperatures that night were considered a good sign for a prosperous summer.

A dish of water was usually left outside overnight to see whether it had a frozen top layer early in the morning.

Fun fact: Also back in the days, the old Norse calendar was divided in only two seasons, summer and winter, and age was commonly counted in winters rather than in years.

The ending winter has been rather cold, with an average nationwide temperature of -0.2°C.

Last, a winter has been comparable cold in 1998/99.

For now, we cross fingers and fins for some great summer months to come and that Skjálfandi Bay will be full of food for plenty of whales to feast on!

Gleðilegt sumar og takk fyrir veturinn! 

Happy summer and thanks for the winter!

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