Whale in sunset

As half of the month is over, we are adding more daily departures to our current schedule:

From now on, our oak Faldur departs twice a day at 09:45 and 13:15 for the "GG1 Whale Watching". At the same time, our RIB speed boats head out three times daily at 09:30, 12:30 and 15:00 for the "GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins".

And that's not all:

As the puffin season has started and numerous birds have returned to the bay already, we will start sailing to Lundey (Puffin Island) and observe these adorable little birds as part of our "GG2 Big Whale Safari & Puffins".

Are you ready for an incredible adventure on winterly Skjálfandi Bay? Book your tour now and join us on one of our departures these days!

- Sarah

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