Humpback tail shining in sun

Are you visiting Iceland these weeks and still scrolling through all the activities this country has to offer? Did you ever dream of watching whales in pristine nature? 

Well, we have good news for you: we'll be sailing for another three weeks - until the end of this month! 

Imagine departing the harbor as the sun is just about to rise behind the mountains, aflaming the sky and mountains in pink, orange and yellow. The silence of the night slowly diminishes as the bay awakes, striked by the first sunlight.

Already from afar one spots the first spouts of the whales, well visible in the cold autumn air, illuminated by the first daylight.

The boat continues its journey and while one can't stop being amazed by this surreal play of lights, colours and shadows, the vessel soon enough stops next to the first gentle giant.

The blow sparkles in the air as the whale continues to breathe right by the boat, at times a rainbow appears as the spout fades away. Then, as the animal goes down for a dive, the sun lights up the white pattern on the whale's tail, which now shines bright and golden.

A truly magical moment seems to end and all that's left is you and the boat, surrounded by the vastness of the ocean.

We will continue sailing throughout November, departing once a day at 10:15am.

Don't miss out on your chance to experience the wonders of Skjálfandi Bay at this time of the year!

- Sarah

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