Last week, for almost fifty countries in the world the 1st of June is Children’s day, but here in Húsavík (and all over Iceland) it was Seamen’s Day! Where people honored all those who have linked their lives with the sea.

It all started in the morning, when some ships in the harbour invited everyone on a boat trip in Skjálfandi Bay. The boats were decorated with festive flags and anyone who wanted, at least for an hour, could touch the life of a real sailor.

Gentle Giants invited people for a trip on Faldur, the oak boat what was built in 1972 in Westman Islands. At 12.00 we left the harbor with 22 people from Húsavík. Captain Hermann was steering the boat and assistant manager Daniel with guide Mark were making small talk with the passengers to make the trip more fun and even educational. It's great that we had many kids on our boat. Young people were asking a lot of questions about the boat, life rafts, engines, GPS system and whatever they saw around. Some of them were sitting in the captain chair and maybe imagining themselves being a real captain of the boat.

On the way back our guests were given hot chocolate with kleinur (Icelandic doughnuts). Even the coastguards, patrolling the Bay in case of an emergency situation, received their doughnut. There were three member of the rescue team that came by their zodiac close to our ship Faldur, just to say “Hi”. They were so close to us, that our outstretched hand reached to offer them a kleina at sea.

Free hot dogs and drinks were waiting for us at the port. Agility and strength competitions were prepared for children and adults. People had fun; I think the party ended well after midnight, but the next day, Húsavík residents met in the Church to pray for all the sailors and to honor the memory of those who died while performing their duty at sea.

At Gentle Giants it was wonderful to take part in celebrating Seamen’s Day and helping people connect with the ocean just we do!

-Mark (guide)

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