It is no secret that there is a lot happening here off the coast of Husavik in North-East Iceland. Every morning is filled with excitement and everyday is a different adventure. The activity in Skjalfandi bay has been nothing but busy. Orcas coming far into the bay - carousel feeding in the south. Then a huge amount of humpback whales have been seen feeding on capelin in the northern part of the bay, by both us and plenty of fishermen. 

The other day when there were no whales seen in the inner part of the bay, we decided to head further north than usually. We could not believe what was waiting for us there - 10-15 humpback whales and a fin whale! Spouts were everywhere as we approached them. They were all very close to shore and we were the only boat by miles. Thousands of birds, only the sound of nature and very excited passengers onboard Sylvia. It was a moment I will never forget. 

Yesterday the humpback whales were seen further south in the bay - still feeding on capelin! So I am incredibly excited about this weekend's tours! Who knows what will happen? Time will show! 

Photos and text: Aksel Bjarnason (guide)

mountain fluke.jpg

Two giant humpbacks right next to us!

misty paradise.jpg

The winter scenery in Skjalfandi is always mesmerizing. 

frosty hump.jpg

double hump.jpg

See you soon!

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