Season start was only two weeks ago and we already have uncountable moments to look back at. There have been plentiful of whales visiting the bay. Humpback whales have been around almost everyday. A few minke whales have been seen. Orcas visited the bay TWICE the past week! On top of it all a blue whale decided to show up as well! It has been an overwhelming start to the season with other words. Skjalfandi bay never stops to surprise us and spoil us with amazing whale encounters.

The first pod of orcas came a week ago and they were around 10-15 individuals. Only a week after that another pod of 20-25 orcas visited Skjalfandi bay as well! Everyone were in awe by seeing the biggest dolphins on the planet. Orcas (also called killer whales) are incredibly intelligent animals. They are the most successful predators on the planet! With a success rate of 95 percent! To put that in perspective - a lions success rate is around 25 percent. They are so successful at hunting because they have an incredible way of communicating with the rest of the pod, and they hunt together. 

Not only did we get to see orcas twice, but also the biggest animal to ever have lived - the blue whale!! It was busy feeding while we witnessed it. Repeatedly it was lifting its tail above the surface. A blue whales fluke can be up to 10 meters wide. Imagine getting the chance to see that! 

Down below you can see some pictures from our whale watching tours this past week.

Blue whale photo: Maria Papadimitraki (whale researcher). 

Other photos and text: Aksel Bjarnason (guide). 

fluke blue r.jpg

Blue whale fluke!

orca r.jpg

Gorgeous male orca coming up only a few meters from us! 

humpiee r.jpg

Humpback whale in calm seas.

orcas r.jpg

A day to remember!

kinnafjoll r.jpg

Beautiful days on the water. 

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