Yesterday was a very social day for Gentle Giants when we attended the Natural Icelandic Tourism Workshop Mannamót. The name means "people coming together" and suits well for this event where more than 250 tourism companies from all over Iceland gather to present their businesses. GG team Stefán, Hanna Sigga and Daniel represented the company and enjoyed it.

For five intense hours we met a steady flow of people from other tour operators, travel agencies, information centres, employees at hotels and guesthouses as well as tourism students, to mention a few.

We have taken part in Mannamót for several years. This is an annual event hosted by six marketing offices around the country as well as Eagle Air. No meetings are booked but visitors can stroll around the hall, explore, experience, talk, laugh and taste. It was a very nice day with good atmosphere and a perfect opportunity for us to keep up old contacts and create new ones.

Our sales team is very busy at this time of year preparing for the upcoming season. Workshops such as Mannamót play an important part in the marketing activities. In two weeks Gentle Giants will be at the Icelandair Mid-Atlantic, a large annual tourism tradeshow in Reykjavík, which we are looking very much forward to.


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