Every new day spent out in the bay is something special - even for the crew. Often I'm asked by our guests onboard whether watching whales doesn't get boring at some point. No, it never does as there's no two days, not even two tours, turning out to be the same.
Every tour is different and so is every whale, each individual has its own story, own behaviours and by just being there - diving and surfacing over and over again - it becomes something special and part of a daily adventure out in Skjálfandi Bay.

Below photos were taken on two consecutive 'GG2 Big Whale Safari and Puffins'-tours the past days. The bottlenose whales are still seen roaming around the bay, showing up here and there, often as an unexpected surprise, whilst humpback whales were most often sighted by the mountains in the northern part of the bay near the island of Flatey They were seen travelling, relaxing on the surface, jumping, socialising with other individuals or getting curious about our presence. Like said, each whale has its own tale and therefore makes a tour become special and unique!

- Sarah (captain/guide)

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