Witold „Wit” Rajchert - Guide


Name: Witold "Wit" Rajchert

Position: Guide.

Place and date of birth:

Warsaw, Poland, 1981.

Hometown: Warsaw.

Star sign: Leo.

Education: Master of Theology (University of Szczecin), IRATA level 3, ITRA level 2. STCW Basic Safety Training and Crowd and Crisis Management.

Languages: Polish, English, Italian.

Experience: Tour guide since 2008, survival books author, trained winter survival in the north of Sweden, „Bezpieczny Kazbek” rescue team member, worked in rope access and instructed people in that matter. Tour guide in Iceland since 2016. Started by Gentle Giants in 2024.

Interests: I love watching birds and wild nature, hiking, discovering new places. I recently started knitting.

Favourite Icelandic food: Liquorice things.

Favourite foreign food: Italian pastas.

Favourite band / singer: Queen.

Football / soccer team: What is football?

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