Haukur Laxdal Baldvinsson - Captain


Name: Haukur Laxdal Baldvinsson.

Position: Captain.

Place and date of birth: Reykjavík, 24th February 1948.

Hometown: On a farm close to Akureyri.

Star sign: Pisces.

Education: The Agricultural University of Iceland. Navigational licences.

Languages: Icelandic, English and basics in Scandinavian languages.

Experience: Farming for many years. Working on various fishing vessels for the past 25 years as well as other whale watching boats. Started working for Gentle Giants in 2021.

Interests: Farming and horses.

Favourite Icelandic food: Icelandic lamb meat.

Favourite foreign food: Spicy food.

Favourite band / singer: Classical music.

Football / soccer team: I follow FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

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