Fiona Gray - Guide


Name: Fiona Gray.

Position: Guide.

Place and date of birth: Manchester, England.

Hometown: Dunedin, New Zealand.

Star sign: Aquarius.

Education: Bachelor of Education, Certificate in Hospitality (chef), Certificate in Animal Care, STCW Basic Safety Training and Crowd- and Crisis Management.

Languages: English.

Experience: Guide and operations manager in New Zealand for Kiwi Tours. Guide on wildlife cruises in Dunedin, New Zealand (mostly for pelagic birds). Started at Gentle Giants in 2024.

Interests: Wildlife photography, animals, walking, cooking and swimming.

Favourite Icelandic food: Brauðterta. 

Favourite foreign food: Japanese.

Favourite band / singer: Ranges from Queen to classical to Motown to Taylor Swift! Depends on the mood.

Football / soccer team: Not interested.

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