THE LEADERPétur Olgeirsson

Name: Pétur Olgeirsson.

Position: Head Captain Oak Boats.

Place and date of birth: Húsavík, 12th October 1945.

Hometown: Húsavík.

Star sign: Libra.

Education: Fisheries management from the Technical College of Reykjavík. Navigational licence from the School of Navigation in Reykjavík. STCW Basic Safety Training and Crowd- and Crisis Management.

Languages: Icelandic and English.

Experience: I've been a fisherman for over 20 years, and also run my own fishing company for many years. Captain at Gentle Giants since 2013.

Interests: Spending time with my family, especially the grandchildren. I enjoy watching soccer too.

Favourite Icelandic food: All Icelandic food.

Favourite foreign food: Beef anywhere in the world!

Favourite band / singer: Fats Domino and Raggi Bjarna.

Football / soccer team: Breiðablik and AK.

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