THE HEAVY METALISTGentle Giants - Kolbeinn Karlsson - Maintenance.

Name: Kolbeinn Karlsson.

Position: Maintenance.

Place and date of birth: Húsavík, 25th October 1991.

Hometown: Húsavík, Iceland.

Star sign: Scorpio.

Education: Elementary school in Húsavík and several terms in Akureyri Comprehensive College (VMA).

Languages: Icelandic and English.

Experience: I have worked with steel fabrication and welding for five years, both for the Akureyri Shipyard and Grímur Vélsmiðja in Húsavík. Started working for Gentle Giants in 2017 doing all kinds of maintenance work.

Interests: Things connected to cars, spending quality time with my daughter and dog.

Favourite Icelandic food: Kjötsúpa.

Favourite foreign food: Pizza.

Favourite band / singer: HIM.

Football / soccer team: Not interested in football.

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