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The lumpfish season started on Thursday and fishermen are heading out with their nets. Húsavík harbour is full of action those days even though the whale watching season has not begun yet.

The owner of Gentle Giants, Stefán Guðmundsson, comes from a long line of fishermen who have been fishing in Skjálfandi bay for centuries. Along with whale watching, he is an active fisherman together with his father and brother.

This year, lumpfish boats are allowed to go out 50 days during the season. There are a number of boats operating from Húsavík, three of them from Gentle Giants and Knarrareyri (Stefán’s family).

Here are some photos taken by Þorgeir Baldursson, one of the crew members on Aþena:

The fleet of Gentle Giants and Knarrareyri: Aþena
, Aron and Sædís.





Lovely Minkes, tiny dolphin calves and a crazy humpback

SA_calm humpback_small

Today again several different whales visited our bay: For example on the morning tour we were surprised by 4 minkes that showed up out of the blue within short driving distances. In the south two humpback swam close to shore. One made its way to the steep cliffs just outside the harbor where it started to show off, breached and slapped its flippers onto the surface. Dolphins, which must have given birth only some days ago, showed our passengers their newborn family members.


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